William Penn Cabinetry is a new company, but we are seasoned veterans in the luxury cabinet and product markets. We know and can deliver what discerning customers want.

Rural economies can be fickle and challenging, and our small economy in the heart of Central Pennsylvania is no different. Even before COVID-19, our area struggled with a high unemployment rate, despite a large population of highly skilled and experienced workers. Local business owner and entrepreneur Maurice Brubaker, and his wife Deb, felt compelled to get our community back to work, and thus began William Penn Cabinetry.

We aim to be the most influential cabinet manufacturer and partner in the industry.


  • Putting expert Pennsylvania woodworkers back to work

  • Building up our rural community

  • Respecting the natural resources consumed in and comprising our products

  • Providing a product and experience that are second to none



CEO and Founder

Maurice’s vision for William Penn Cabinetry comes from combining his entrepreneurial passion with his passion for high-end luxury goods. Already a successful co-owner of a large accounting firm, Maurice knows how to build a high-powered team that delivers consistently excellent experiences.



With 32 years in the cabinet industry, including 22 years of leadership at Wood-Mode, Inc., Doug knows how to build a luxury cabinet. Doug expertly oversees William Penn Cabinetry’s artful combination of the team, the equipment, the materials and the process.


How can we deliver competitively priced highest-quality products with a standard four-week lead time?

Our equipment? State-of-the-art. Our production team? Seasoned experts in their trade. GET TO KNOW OUR PLANT

Our design software, made available at no cost to our dealer partners, bridges your art of designing a “wow” masterpiece to our science of efficient and accurate cabinet making. The software allows you to modify our products, to their fullest capacities, to match your exact specifications. And, designs automatically flow into orders, removing lost-in-translation errors.